Performing together since the late 1950's, 18 year old sax player, George, met young jazz singer, Dixie Hendrix, while performing together on the Russ Carlton Orchestra at the Carowood Club in Collinsville, Va. They fall in love and have four girls who all perform together today! With their busy individual production schedules, they are fortunate to come together several times a year for their "REUNION" shows. Penn Family Music celebrates the music of the Great American Songbook. 


PENN FAMILY MUSIC - George & Dixie Penn - 60 years of music

Through the years, the Penns have enjoyed great performance venues such as: Sam's Cantebury Inn, Green's Supper Club, The Greenbrier, Pinehurst Country Club, Hotel Roanoke, Sammy's, just to name a few. Today they are honored to be on rotation at the O'Henry Hotel for the O'Henry Jazz Series in Greensboro, NC.  The Penns honor the songs and sounds of Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, Benny Goodman and many more!


Vaughan Penn

Vaughan has created her own unique sound of earthy-pop-rock music that combines meaningful songwriting with a powerfully melodic sound. With strong rhythmic textures and hints of Americana roots in the production, her songs have pure emotional honesty; both musically and lyrically. Hollywood sure knows Vaughan!  She's had over 54 original songs placed over 150 times in Films & Television, notable placements include: Greys Anatomy, Superstore, Oprah, Bones, and The Hills. 

Vaughan's website

Elaine Penn


Elaine is a singer-songwriter. Her uplifting lyrics embody the Posi philosophy; recently, being awarded Honorable Mention at PosiFest 2018, along with co-writer Nancy Pitkin. As an executive coach and entertainment producer, she is able to use her music as a platform of motivation and inspiration. She is a lyricist, vocalist, entertainer, and coach and will inspire you with her ability to find the best in YOU.

Liz Penn


With the vocal dimensions of jazz, music theatre, and swing, Liz brings a bold and entertaining approach to the Great American Songbook. Liz gains her muse from vocalists and entertainers alike, channeling inspiration from Bette Midler, Julie London, Rosemary Clooney, and Judy Garland. Liz began singing with Penn Family Music at age 13. It was in those early years that she developed her inner heart beat for swing and knew the stage was her home.

Georgianna Penn


Georgianna is a featured vocalist with the Greensboro Big Band and the Mike Day Swing Machine. She is a graduate of Greensboro College, has performed at Busch Gardens Williamsburg and is a freelance writer.  Her performance career spans tv and stage, performing as a background artist on such shows as ER and Friends. She serves as the Public Relations Manager for Penn Family Music and Penn Duo - featuring Georgianna & Liz. 

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